New Cadillac Inventory For Sale in Torrington & Avon, CT

Explore the Cadillac Inventory at Sullivan's Automotive Group

Cadillac never goes out of style. Not only due to its long-standing as a luxury vehicle built in the U.S, but also because the company has reinvented itself year after year to maintain that high standing.

Where the company was once known for sedans, it introduced full-sized SUVs and crossovers over time. These have also become popular, sometimes even more than the classic sedans. That's why we have these models, and the other vehicles in Cadillac's inventory to drive around Torrington.

Many of the models are displayed in our showroom and on the lot. To get a better idea of what's currently available, here's a quick breakdown of the model types.


Four-door luxury sedans are still Cadillac's bread and butter. At this time, they offer eight different models. The compact version is the CT4, while the CT5 enters the mid-range sedan category. The CT6 is considered Cadillac's full-size model.

These three CT styles also come in a "-V" version. What does this stand for? Cadillac says it represents the word voracious. In other words, the CT4-V, CT5-V, and CT6-V are meant for consumers who like the sportiness of similar European models to drive in Avon.

The other two sedans types are the CTS and XTS. The latter is a bit larger than the former. However, there's more power and turning capability with the CTS when you drive in Hartford.


Cadillac's entry into the luxury SUV market has been a success in Waterbury and Bristol. That's why four models are actively available. Three of these are crossovers. There's the small XT4, the mid-size XT5, and the larger XT6. The full-size member of this family is the model that started the company's move toward SUV sales -- the Escalade.

What does this mean for you? You have a large amount of material to choose from. However, the only way to determine what sedan or SUV is right for you is to come into Sullivan Automotive Group and see for yourself. It's the chance to ask questions to one of our Volvo sales representatives as well as take a test drive.