Determine Your Ideal Monthly Payment in Torrington, CT

At Sullivan Automotive Group, we understand how stressful the car-financing process can be for our customers. After all, the fun part is looking at vehicles, taking them for test drives and picturing yourself behind the wheel of a variety of models -- from sedans to SUVs -- until you find the perfect choice. Then, all of a sudden you're stuck with dealing with numbers, trying to figure out what will fit into your budget.

* These calculations are for reference purposes only. All figures are estimates only and are not guaranteed as accurate. Always consult a professional financial advisor.

Allow us to take that stress away. Not only are our financing professionals experts at working with lenders to get you the loan or lease terms that you want, but we also offer a variety of online tools that help make the process easier for you. Take, for instance, the payment calculator found on this page.

Not only does this handy tool allow you to estimate what your monthly loan payment might be, but it's also set up in a way that allows you to adjust certain parameters such as the vehicle price, your down payment, annual percentage rate and length of your loan. Now you can see what terms work best for you and your budget before you get too far into the process. After all, it's our firm belief that you should be completely satisfied with any loan you agree to -- so we want you to be as informed a consumer as you possibly can be.

Once you've determined your ideal financing terms, take a moment and fill out our online finance application to get a head start on the financing process.  It's submitted through a secure HTTPS form action, so you can trust that your private information is encrypted before being transmitted.