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Get to Know How You Can Benefit from Android Auto at Sullivan's Auto Group

We at Sullivan's Auto Group are very eager to work with the Torrington, Avon and Waterbury, CT areas to really help you get to know the impressive technology that is Android Auto. This incredible connectivity feature will allow you to remain connected to friends and family, no matter where your adventure takes you. Check out all the details on this exciting application, and find out just how you can get connected for your next drive.

What is Android Auto?

Android Auto is a great connectivity feature that really allows you to enjoy endless entertainment, as well as reach out to friends and family while on the go. This awesome application makes it easier than ever for you to enjoy your favorite songs, as well as your favorite podcasts while on the go. You can easily access music apps, and even access plenty of navigation options to better ensure you make it to your destination.

Which Vehicles Have Android Auto?

Well, since Android Auto is about making your life easier, it would only make sense for it to be available on all of our new models. No matter what new model you choose at our dealership, you do have the option to enjoy Android Auto in your vehicle. We know the importance of connectivity, and so does the Android community.

We at Sullivan's Auto Group are very excited to show off this awesome connectivity feature. We have a huge selection of amazing features to give you access to, and we can't wait to specifically show you the ins and outs of Android Auto. Reach out to us today with any questions or concerns, and then give us a call to work through the vehicle buying process. We can't wait to help you find the right model with the best connectivity.

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