GMC Releases New Six-Function MultiPro Tailgate on 2019 GMC Sierra Trucks

If you've ever spent time loading and unloading cargo from your truck bed, you know how exhausting the process of repeatedly climbing up and down becomes after a short period. GMC recently took this matter to heart and revolutionized a solution that will take effect on the 2019 GMC Sierra. The solution is the next-generation six-function MultiPro tailgate.

The new tailgate was advertised in a recent GMC "Step Up Like A Pro" campaign. This call to action reached out to the truck-driving population and called each driver to raise their expectations for the GMC truck they commit to driving. The minute-long Anthem video illustrated this call by showcasing a mass of people carrying their old truck tailgates and preparing to pave the way for something way better: GMC's six-function MultiPro tailgate.

What makes the all-new MultiPro tailgate on the 2019 GMC Sierra so innovative? The answer is in its design and the measure of convenience offered. Drivers will no longer have to tolerate the physical and time-consuming pains of venturing in and out of their cargo bed. You'll have easier access than ever before by using the six functions of this GMC-branded tailgate.

  1. You may open the GMC tailgate with your key fob or the touch of a button.
  2. There's a built-in load stop on the primary gate that keeps longer items from shifting or sliding off.
  3. You can flip the inner gate segment down to get yourself closer to the cargo bed opening.
  4. When flipped down, the inner gate can transform into a solid step (handles up to 375 pounds).
  5. The inner gate also includes a second-tier load stop feature much like that of the primary gate.
  6. Finally, fold down the inner gate's load stop and you have a perfect work surface left to use.

Test Out the Six MultiPro Tailgate Functions Yourself in Torrington, CT

You can do everything like a pro with the versatile tailgate built to do and handle it all. That's the promise that GMC will uphold when you witness the innovation behind the MultiPro tailgate inside the 2019 GMC Sierra. It's as durable as you'd expect and is all about making life easier for on-the-go loading and unloading purposes. Visit Sullivan Automotive Group today to check out the usefulness of a revolutionary tailgate like you've never experienced before.

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