Leasing Vehicles in Torrington, CT

When you're looking for a new ride, one major choice to make is your payment plan: do you plan to buy or lease? Leasing your new vehicle has many benefits. The most obvious advantage is price; while buying a vehicle has you pay for its full value, leasing only has you pay for its projected value depreciation over the course of the lease. Leasing a vehicle has a lower down payment than buying one, as well as lower monthly payments. However, that's not the only advantage leasing holds.

Another benefit of leasing is that you always get to drive the latest vehicles. Once the lease expires, you can bring the vehicle back to the dealership, and they'll help you set up a new lease. You can also purchase the vehicle if you've grown attached to it, or you can walk away entirely. Leases are almost always covered by the vehicle's warranty, so you can rest easy when you're out on the road. If you'd like to lease a new vehicle in Torrington, CT, or even if you'd like to buy one, the experts in our finance center are here to help you get the best possible deal. They'll also answer any questions that you may have. At Sullivan Automotive, we set out to make financing a new ride as easy as possible. We can't wait to help you out.

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