Need a Quick Oil Change in the Torrington Area?


At Sullivan Automotive Group, we take pride in our ability to offer speedy, precise service to all our visitors. By utilizing our specialized equipment, cutting-edge service center, and the expertise of our skilled technicians, your appointment for an oil change won't cause you the usual headache you get at other garages.

When you visit us, routine maintenance will no longer be the hassle it once was.


You may be wondering when exactly you should bring in your car for an oil change, but the answer is a bit more complicated than just a number. While many recommend bringing in your car for an oil change every 3,000 miles, with engines becoming more efficient and synthetic oils evolving, you may discover that your vehicle can go longer before needing an oil change.

The best way to find out the recommended interval of time or miles before you need to find a service center in the Torrington area is by looking at your owner's manual. The manual should help you figure out when exactly you will be due for an oil change. However, you will likely notice that your oil changing frequency is dependent on what they describe as average or severe driving conditions.

Yes, snowy or icy conditions can be considered severe driving conditions, but what is considered severe is actually much broader than that. If you do a lot of stop-and-start driving: severe. Frequent idling for long periods of time? Severe. Towing or carrying heavy objects. Severe! Dusty roads won't take you home, they'll take you to a service center more often because they're considered severe.

Do you have more questions about oil changes? Check out the information we provide on oil changes and schedule a service appointment for your next oil change today!

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