Here's How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter in Torrington

Winter is coming. For all of us, from Torrington to Avon CT and nearby, that means many things, including going to the store to stock up on de-icer. Or breaking out the scarves, gloves and hats from storage. Or enjoying a favorite seasonal hot beverage, like mulled cider or hot tea.

The change of seasons also means that it's time to get serious about vehicle service. Not sure how to best service or maintain your vehicle during the colder Connecticut months this year? Not to worry! We've got you covered with the following helpful winter car care tips.

Seven Winter Car Care Best-Practices to Follow This Season


  1. Fill Up on Antifreeze: Make sure your car's cooling system (including its radiator, hoses, thermostat, and more) is in good working order. And while you're at it, make sure your car has enough antifreeze.
  2. Get Your Oil Changed: This is important any time of year, but getting your oil changed will ensure your engine runs at its best this winter in Waterbury CT.
  3. Get Your Brakes Checked: Get your brakes checked to make sure they can handle the ravages of winter roads in Bristol CT and beyond.
  4. Put on New Wipers: Wiper blades help you see when rain, snow, or sleet create hindered visibility conditions on the roads of Hartford. Make sure yours are up-to-task or have them replaced.
  5. Have Your Battery Inspected: Your battery experiences greater strain in extreme temperatures, so have it tested before winter weather rolls in.
  6. Invest in Winter Tires: A good set of winter tires can be the difference between life and death in some scenarios, providing crucial traction over slippery road conditions. Invest in a set today, and you'll also prolong the life of your regular tires by alternating seasonally.
  7. Stock Up on Ice Scrapers & Emergency Winter Supplies: Make sure you're prepared for winter with plenty of vehicle scrapers, and emergency supplies like fluids, nonperishables, a first-aid-kit, and jumper cables.


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