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in the market today!

Tuscany Automotive is the premier Specialty Vehicle Manufacturer in the state of Texas and nationwide. Authorized by General Motors, Tuscany builds trucks for a very special market, the 4x4 luxury lifted truck owner. These truck owners demand something more in the one vehicle they actually need a truck.

Tuscany Automotive is owned by Wayne Davis. For over thirty years, Wayne has created timeless restorations of some of the world's™ most classic and iconic automobiles. His passion for perfection, expert design aesthetic, and commitment to building the best of the best is the compass that guides Tuscany Automotive today.

As the specialty lifted truck market continues to gain ground, Tuscany Automotive remains the standard bearer by building luxury up-fitted 4x4 lifted trucks with bold and classic styling cues that command attention. Uncompromised quality and absolute attention to every single detail is the only formula.

Nationwide, Tuscany branded lifted truck packages are setting retail sales records in the 4x4 luxury lifted truck market. Throughout Texas, Tuscany is the recognized leader in up-fitted pick-up and luxury 4x4 lifted pick-up truck market. Check out our most popular vehicle packages and discover Tuscany Automotive, we build vehicles people love and want to own.


Bigger tires are the number one requirement of lift-truck enthusiasts. Tuscany selects the higher quality of a BF Goodrich All Terrain KO tire for better all around performance.

Displaying a confident and aggressive stance, the Concept One up-fit features distinctive and classic styling matched with refined luxury.

With the roll out Black Ops and Black Ops Elite, Tuscany Automotive celebrates the armed forces and asks, "Do you dare?"™

Continuing with the military inspired design theme, Recon Tactical completes the vision for a modest expense while maintaining the styling cues that define the Tuscany brand.

Lifted Truck at Sullivan Automotive

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